Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dell Inspiron 15r, M5010 Laptop Disassemble Tips and Video

Dell Inspiron M5010 , 15R Laptop Disassemble Tips:

1. First Remove Dell Inspiron 15R Laptop Battery and Laptop Power Connector.

2. Then Remove All The Screws In dell inspiron 15r Laptop Bottom Cover Casing. Include Laptop Laptop LLD Doors Screws.

3. Then Remove Laptop Optical DVD Writer .

4. Remove Laptop Keyboard and Laptop Keyboard Connector Cable.

5. Remove Laptop Power Button Connector Cable, Remove Touch pad Connector Cable then Remove LED Connector Cable.

6. Then Remove Laptop Top Cover Casing Screws , Then Remove Laptop Top Cover Casing.

7. Then Remove Laptop Hard disk.

8. Remove Laptop Card Reader Connector Cable, Remove Laptop Power Connector Cable, Remove Laptop LCD Screen Connector Cable.

9. Remove Laptop Motherboard, Then Remove Laptop Ram, Remove Laptop Cooling Fan Screws and Head Sing Screws, Remove Laptop Cooling Fan and Head sing . Then Remove Laptop Processor.

10. That's all!!!!

Dell Inspiron M5010, 15R Laptop Disassembly Videos:


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