Saturday, 26 May 2012

Easy Way To Download Laptop Driver for Windows 7

Follow the steps to Install your Laptop Drivers Successfully in Windows 7.

1. Click on the Flag Icon in Taskbar and Click on Open Action Center as on the above image.

2. Click on the Windows update on the Bottom Left of the Window.

3. Then Click on Check For Updates . Windows will now check for the New Updates .

4. Windows will show the Updates available for both Windows update and Optional Updates.
5. Select Optional Updates on the Left side of the Window.

6. First Unselect all the checkbox .
7. Select Only Driver Related updates from the Window .

8. Check for Intel, Broadcom, Marvel, Dell , NVDIA , ATI, Realtek  and Related Drivers .

9.  Now Click on Ok Button on the Right side.

10. Now your Drivers will be Successfully Installed.


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