Friday, 8 June 2012

All Brand Laptop Basic Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks

Laptop basic Trouble shooting Tips and Tricks :

Laptop dead:

If your laptop is dead first remove the Laptop battery from the laptop and plug the laptop directly  to power and now switch on the laptop and check it. This step is to check whether the battery is dead or not.

If your laptop is not switched on after step 1 , Then remove the power connector from the laptop and Long press the power button for 5 seconds. Now again plug the power connector to the laptop and switch on the laptop . If your laptop gets any BIOS problem It will switch on now.

If the laptop doesn’t switch on ofter step 2, Then remove LLD(Lower Logic Door) from the laptop and then remove the RAM from the laptop and connect to power . Now power on the Laptop. If you get any beep sound from the laptop then remove the power connector from the laptop. Clean the RAM softly and then fix it again to the laptop. Now Power on the laptop , If still your laptop doesn’t switched on then Fix a new RAM.

If your laptop does not work still then remove the CMOS Battery from the laptop and check whether it has charge or not. If the CMOS Battery has no power then change the CMOS Battery. But before fixing CMOS Battery Switch on the Laptop without CMOS Battery so that if your laptop has any BIOS Problem it will be fixed.

If your Laptop does not switched on with the above steps then remove the Laptop Processor cooling fan . Then clean the laptop Processor cooling fan and then fix it . In this step most of the Laptop problem will be fixed . If the laptop still dead then it will be Motherboard Problem.

Small Tips:

Before Fixing the Laptop Adapter cable to the Laptop check whether the LED Light is flashing. If the Laptop Power adapter is not on then it will be the Laptop Power Adapter problem or It will be Motherboard Power unit ( Chip Level ) Problem.

Before doing the above steps, Please be sure that the laptop is switched off.


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