Thursday, 7 June 2012

Dell Alienware M14x Gaming Laptop Disassemble and Troubleshooting Tips

Dell Alienware M14X Gaming Laptop Disassemble Tips:-

1. Remove Laptop ( Dell Alienware M14X ) Bottom Cover Casing Screws.

2. Then Remove Laptop ( Dell Alienware M14X ) Bottom Cover Casing. Remove Laptop ( Dell Alienware M14X ) Battery Screws, Unplug Laptop Battery Connector Cable, Then Remove  Laptop Battery.

4. Remove Laptop DVD Writer Connector Cable, Then Remove Laptop DVD Writer Screws, Remove Laptop DVD Writer.

5. Remove Laptop sata Hard Disk Screws, Then Remove Laptop Hard Disk Drive.

6. Remove Laptop Ram Guard Screws, Then Remove Laptop Ram.

7. Remove Laptop WiFi Mini Card Connector Cable. Remove WiFi Card Screw, Then Remove WiFi Card.

8. Remove Laptop Keyboard Guard Screws, Then Remove Laptop Keyboard Guard.

9. Remove Laptop Keyboard Screws Then Remove Laptop Keyboard Connector Cable , Remove Laptop Keyboard.

10. Remove Laptop Power Button Screws and Laptop Power Button Connector Cable ( ribbon Cable) .

11. Remove Laptop LED Connector Cable, Remove Laptop Speaker Connector Cable. Remove Laptop Motherboard Guard Screws.

12. Remove Laptop Top Cover Casing.  Remove Laptop Motherboard Screws, Then Remove Laptop Motherboard, Remove Laptop Processor Cooling Fan Screws and Head Sing Screws. Remove Laptop Processor.

13. That's All !!!!

Dell Alienware M14X Laptop Disassemble Video:-


  1. I just want to ask a question about my Dell studio 1557,Output voltage: 11.1. I purchased a new laptop battery from one website on January 16th. I received my order on February 10th approximately and the battery worked very well for the first two weeks. Now the battery will not take a charge and often flashes an error that it is not compatible. I thought maybe my charger wasn't working properly so I purchased a new one but returned it when that didn't work either. Anyone who can help me?


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