Monday, 18 June 2012

Laptop Motherboard and Processor Overheating Troubleshooting Tips

Laptop Overheating Troubleshooting Tips:-

1. First Check Laptop Processor Heat sink Screws Scrawly corrected.

2. Check Laptop Processor Cooling Fan Power Connection, Check Processor Cooling Fan Rotating In Correct RPM(Normal Cooling Fan Speed : 1500).

3. Check Processor Cooling Fan Working Or not.

4. Check Cooling Fan and Heat Sing Properly Seated.

5. Apply Proper Heat Sink Paste In The Surface.


  1. Laptop overheating repair is a very common issue. This issue is very irritating. Good post and posts like these are very useful for service people like us. We run a hp laptop service center in Chennai city and this post was very useful for our entire team. Thanks.

  2. Hi. Laptop overheating can be due to fan not working. Sometimes fan gathers lot of dust and it speeds down the rotation and it can also cause over heating. Good blog. People can learn a lot of laptop service techniques through blogs like these. We are a Dell laptop service centers in Chennai and this post was very helpful for our team.


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