Sunday, 8 July 2012

DNS changer Virus Solution - Antivirus Free download

don't worry about DNS virus. here the solution for this virus.

 DNS changer virus - The Federal Bureau Of Investigation find the developer of this virus , if your system affected with this DNS virus you may not able to access Websites. for a few hours this is affecting more than 35000 pc's in india ,

DNS infection check - To check your system is infected, you just need to visit the website , if u seen the text in Green -your system is not infected . if found Red you re affected .

DNS changer Virus Solution- To solve this problem few internet security Firms Founds the solution.such as kaspersky,mcafee, Escan.

kaspersky Lab released in the name of TCDSS KILLER , This file is around 2 Mb. you can download it free through this link.


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