Monday, 2 July 2012

How To Check Laptop LCD LED Screen and Laptop CPU(Motherboard,Processor) Working Or Not Tips and Tricks

Laptop LCD and LED Screen Working Or Not Checking Tips and Tricks:-

Your Laptop LCD Screen In Black Screen But CPU Working.

CPU Work Or Not Checking Tips:
1. First Power On Laptop, Laptop Power Led's and Battery Led's Working but  Laptop Screen Blank Screen. Then Press Laptop Caps Lock Button or NUM Lock Button Keys they Caps Lock Light Or num Lock Light's are Blinking They Laptop CPU Working, Laptop Screen Or Laptop VGA Connector Cable Problem.

LCD-LED Screen Working :-
1. First Connect External Monitor in Your Laptop, Then Press Laptop Fn Key and External Monitor Enable Key. the External Monitor Is Worked Your Laptop LCD Display or Laptop LCD-LED Display Connector Cable Problem.

Some Small Problem Laptop  Again You Press The Fn Key and External Monitor Enable Key Automatic Your Laptop LCD-LED Screen Worked.

2. Reassemble Laptop Screen Cover and Laptop Connector Cables. Maximum Problem Solved That Type.

3. Then Fix Brand New LCD-LED Screen, Power On Laptop, Laptop Screen Worked.


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