Friday, 26 April 2013

How To Get Laptop Bios , How To update laptop Bios

Why update Laptop Bios On Your Laptop:

 U have Update Your Bios in your Laptop You Get More Performance and automatically Solve Some Problems ,  Example Not Working sound Chip(No Sound On Your Laptop) and Charging IC (Not Charging Problems).

How To Get Laptop Bios On Your Laptop Brand:

Go To Your Laptop Brand official Site

1. Dell:

Click that Link ( ) Then Type Your Laptop Service Tag On the service tag and express service code Box after Get Your Laptop driver and Laptop bios File.

2. Acer , Toshiba , Asus, Samsung , HCL Driver and Bios Link and Download procedure


Type Your Model no Or Serial no/ SNID Or Select Manually Your Model Name and Model No Then Get Laptop driver and Laptop BIOS File


manually Select Product then select Series finely Select model after Download Driver And Bios File.

asus Laptop Official Site Offerd Four Type Of Download options First type Model Name On Search Box, Second Auto Detection Option Third Select Manually Model Fourth Type Laptop Serial no On Search box.
then Download.

(NOTE: Properly Select Your laptop Model And Download Bios File) 

How To Update Bios On Your Laptop

Type 1:
turn on your laptop , plug laptop AC power adapter, then Run Laptop Bios File (note: No Unplug On Laptop ac Adapter On bios File Updating Time). automatically Restarting Your Laptop   Finally Laptop Bios updated.

Type 2:
Copy the bios file and Booting files on Flash Drive(Pen drive) , Plug Flash Drive on USB Port then Turn On your laptop Press F8 (Press F8 : update bios) then run laptop bios file Wait 2 to 5 min then automatically restarting Your Laptop then Check Your Laptop bios File Version changed and Updated.


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