Saturday, 25 May 2013

Lenovo G560 Laptop Disassembly Guide

Lenovo G560 Laptop Complete Disassembly :
1. First Remove Lenovo g560 laptop battery:
 2. Remove Laptop Backdoor Scrows.
 3. Remove Laptop Bottom Panel Screws.

 3. Remove Laptop Backdoor.
  4. Remove Laptop Dvd Writer Screw
 5. Remove Laptop DVD Writer

 6. Remove Laptop Hard Disk screw.

 7. Remove laptop Hard Disk.
 8. Remove Laptop head Sing Cooling Fan.
 9. Remove Laptop Bottom Top Panel.

that's all


  1. Hello Sir, how to replace my lenovo b460e laptop monitor, monitor displayed as white blank screen, but work with secondary monitor, pls help me to replace monitor, how to remove and assemble monitor.

  2. where is the cmos battery location

  3. Has anyone found the CMOS battery? I removed the keyboard and there's a "chip" mounted on a PCB with the (+) plus and battery symbol. Err! It seems as part of the MOBO.


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