Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dell Latitude 2110 Netbook 10.1 Led Screen Replacement Guide

Dell Latitude 2110 Laptop Screen Replacement Guide:

1.Remove Screw Guard Rapers.
  2. Remove dell Latitude 2110 Laptop Panel Screws.

3. Remove Laptop Screen Panel Screws, Then Remove the Laptop Panel Carefully. 

4. Remove Marked Laptop Screen Guard bedding Screws.

5. Remove Laptop Screen Guard Bedding Side Screws.

6. Remove Laptop Display VGA Cable Carefully.

 7. Fix New Display Screen In Laptop Panel, Plug The VGA Cable then Fix all the screws

8. Fix Laptop Screen Panel, Screw all The Screws, That's all 

Your Laptop Display Ready, Thank You !!!


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