Saturday, 15 June 2013

Lenovo IBM Thinkpad Edge 14-E40-0578-PBG Laptop Keyboard Replacement Guide

 IBM Thinkpad EDGE 14-E40-0578-PBG Laptop Keyboard Error and Replacement Guide:

 1. IBM Thinkpad Edge Laptop

2. Remove Laptop Battery.

3. Remove Marked Screw's and Laptop DVD RW Screw.

4. Remove Marked Screw's in Laptop DVD RW Near.

5. Remove Marked Screw's In Laptop Bottom Panel Backside.

6. Remove Laptop bottom A Panel and B Panel Carefully.

7. Remove Laptop Keyboard Lock Panel.

8. Remove Laptop Keyboard Connector Cable Locks.

9. Remove Laptop Keyboard Connector After Keyboard Connector Locks.

10. Remove Laptop Keyboard Pointer Connector Locks.

11. Remove Laptop Pointer Connector.

12. Remove Laptop Keyboard From Laptop Frame.

13. Damaged IBM Thinkpad Edge 14-E40-0578-PBG Laptop Keyboard.

That's all. Anti clock Wise Fix New Keyboard and Assembly laptop carefully , thank You !!!!

IBM Thinkpad EDGE 14- E40-0578-PBG Laptop Keyboard Price is $ 50 To $ 80 Upon Price difference in your dealer.

IBM Thinkpad EDGE Laptop Keyboard India Price RS: 2750/-


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