Friday, 12 July 2013

Acer dead Laptop Motherboard Bios Flash Guide - Acer Dead Laptop Repair Tips

Acer Aspire Laptop Motherboard Bios Flashing Steps : 

Your laptop lights pinking , processor fan run but keyboard caps lock light not works , no display 
do that steps your laptop work good.#
1. first download your laptop right bios file on *.fd Format .
2. downloaded File any name (Example ******.fd)  to rename zg5ia32.fd
3. copy the renamed file and flashit.exe files on usb thamb drive .
4. Plug the usb drive and laptop Power adapter.
5. Press FN and Esc Key on hold down.
6. Then Press Laptop power button.
7. continuously Press Fn and Esc Buttons 5 To 7 Sec
8. Laptop Indicator Lights are flashing .
9. the processes finished after 5 to 8 min , Then automatically your laptop restarted. 

(Note: Carefully Download Correct Bios File )


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