Friday, 31 July 2015

HP Pavilion 14-r206nx Laptop Disassembly HP Sleekbook 14-r206nx laptop Motherboard LA-A993P Bios Bin

HP Pavilion 14-R206nx Laptop Disassembly Video:
Hp 14-r206nx Laptop motherboard LA-A993P Bios Bin File Download

La-a993p Bios Bin

Hp Sleekbook No Disply Troubleshooting Tips
(Laptop Power on but no disply)

First Remove Your Laptop Battery After Few Minutes  Then fix laptop battery then check.

next Remove Laptop battery then press power button continuously 2 minutes , then fix laptop battery then check.

They Same Problem Then Remove laptop battery then disassemble your laptop then re fix your laptop ram . then assemble and fix battery then check.

You Trying Last three Types but your laptop have no display confirmedly  your laptop motherboard bios ic program is corrupted . but the want you fix you want programmer , so go to nearest laptop service center . you are laptop service engineer and you have programmer i am already updated the bios link in the post. 


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