Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Laptop Motherboard Repair Type and Laptop Motherboard Service repair Tips

laptop Motherboard no display fault have many issues

1.laptop motherboard ram problem
2.laptop motherboard cpu problem
3.Laptop motherboard Cmos Battery problem
4.Laptop motherboard short ( Mosfet, capacitor , Ic's )
5.Laptop Motherboard Ic Problem ( Power ic, charging ic, io controller , bios ic)
6. Laptop Motherboard north bridge, south bridge Problems

how fined following types issues and how to solve following issues .

Solution for First, Second and Third issues :

first and second type problem you can replace new one , you will get new  ram and new cpu replace the new one then your problem have solved ok . but your problem continued then check your laptop motherboard cmos battery voltage maximum cells have 2.5 v and 3.3 v get your old battery check via multimeter your battery have good no problem , but they have voltage drop change new one.

Soltion For Forth :
Your Laptop Motherboard good light continues work

your laptop motherboard have short when you plug the power adapter pin you laptop motherboard jack power adapter indicator have off

laptop motherboard capacitor have no problem multimeter show some volume and they have small beep sound then they have off ,that type capacitor have no problem but you got long beep capacitor is problem. 

Get Your Laptop Motherboard Then Plug Power Adapter in Your Laptop Motherboard Power jack , Your Laptop Power Adapter Indicator Have Off your Motherboard Have Short .Maximum Boards Have Capacitor shorts . Some Boards have mosfet short.

( that Type you can use original adapter otherwise you use compatible and local adapters shorted spare component have heat or burn)

How To Check Bad Caps:

get multimeter get your faulty motherboard first check capacitor A and B to Multimeter probe A and B , at the time multimeter have got small beep then off that capacitor ok but wrongly multimeter have continues beep that capacitor have problem , then remove the capacitor from board then recheck the capacitor at the same problem beep sound continues that capacitor problem then fix new one ,  then plug the power adapter your adpter light have continues work no problem your board ready.



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