Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How to find laptop motherboard bios corrupted

How to find laptop motherboard bios corrupted, take your faulty laptop motherboard then plug the power adapter power, find the laptop motherboard bios ic example bios numbers 32q-4mb,16-2mb,080-1mb, bios ic s have 8 bin leek check the voltage in bios leek  , normally power ic charging ic  have no problem, bios ic s got 3.3 voltage, then de soldering your bios ic, then put the bios ic ic bios programmer, the find the laptop motherboard correct bios bin file format, then open the bin file in programmer soft ware . Then flash the bios ic, then solder the bios ic in your laptop motherboard( note: before solder the bios ic watch bios ic starting and ending points).


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