Friday, 13 January 2017

Hifocus AHD DVR default password unlock and recovery password

Please use the Master Password for Today as 813152 or 950976. This password is only valid for today.

If this password doesn’t work, then please use 136064. Kindly use the master password from VGA/HDMI.                      
[2:44 PM, 1/12/2017] Office WhatsApp: Kindly follow the below procedure to reset the password:
Remove LAN cable if it is attached
Restart you DVR
Choose the “admin” account in  USERNAME
Use MASTER PASSWORD in PASSWORD. Now  you can access your DVR
Go for Main Menu >Advance > Account
Select “admin” user
Click on Modify Password, In Old Password Use Master Code,
In New & Confirm Password type your new password (without any special characters).
Now you can login with your NEW  PASSWORD that you have created.


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